2018 saw Southeastern running back Bryan Bell finish #16 in the NAIA in rushing yards/game – a mark which also ranked #3 in the Mid-South Conference and #1 in his division. That was his freshman season. Yep – you’ll see this dude for 3 more years. Bell was a major part of the Fire’s co-Division Championship season.We sat down with Bryan and talked about ball and life in general. As the Fire gears up for another successful season, slow down a bit and read about one of their own.

NAIAFBALL: What makes Southeastern special to you?

Bryan Bell: It feels like my home away from home – everybody is great.


NFB: If you could tell a recruit one thing to convince them to come to Southeastern, what would it be?

BB: This campus itself is amazing and everyone here is great. The team truly is a band of brothers, which I love.


NFB: What are the expectations for the Fire in 2019?

BB: My expectations for our season are to play one game at a time, make the playoffs, and win the National Championship.


NFB: What are your personal goals for the 2019 season?

BB: My personal goal for this season is to win a championship, break records, and become an All-American. (Editor’s Note: Jarrell Reynolds holds nearly all Single-Game, Single-Season, and Career records for Yards, Attempts, Yards/Game, and Rushing Touchdowns. More info here.)


NFB: You finished your freshman season with 1,060 rushing yards, good for 23rd nationwide. Do you envision yourself winning the rushing title before graduating?

BB: Yes –  I believe that I’ll win it this upcoming season, and possibly more.


NFB: What’s the best place to eat at in Lakeland, Florida, and would your teammates agree?

BB: I would probably say Wing Spot, and my teammates agree.


NFB: Who’s Southeastern’s biggest rival?

BB: Me, personally, I treat every game as a rivalry.