The series is back! This offseason, we’re looking for the biggest and baddest facilities in the the NAIA. While National Signing Day is around the corner, there is a skilled undersized prospect still waiting for Nick Saban to knock on his door. Educated prospects will enjoy this series as it shows what the NAIA has to offer. Today’s team we have featured are the boys from Orange City, Iowa. The Red Raiders are a solid team in the GPAC and are always in play for a NAIA Football playoff spot. So let’s look at the Red Raiders’ facilities.


De Valois Stadium

3,100 Red Raider fans can pack De Valois every Saturday to cheer on the Red Raiders. As you can see below, the facility is beautiful from an aerial view! The stadium also hosts all of the Track and Field facilities and has hosted the GPAC’s Outdoor Track and Field Championships. The locker room is at the stadium, which you can see pictured below.


Korver Field

One of the best things about the NAIA is that most schools have artificial turf. Transitioning from the natural grass in high school to artificial turf is an unique feeling. Due to high schools’ problems with turf management, the artificial turf gives you an official collegiate feel. Also the logo in the middle of the field is very proportional.


Juffer Athletic Fieldhouse

As a former NAIA player, and as manly as I am, I would love to practice in the freezing cold. But for the prospect that would like some comfort every now and then, Northwestern has you covered. At more than 33,000 square feet, the Juffer Athletic Fieldhouse provides refuge from the weather for all of Northwestern’s teams.

Locker Room


Weight Room

I really like the area for explosive exercises it has on the side. That is very unique and makes it more than just power racks in the room