Around the NAIA there are some programs that give you that major college football feel with their facilities. Indiana Wesleyan is one of these. The Wildcats are coming off of their second full season of NAIA Football. In the past two seasons, they are 13-7, and boast some impressive wins.They already have wins against Siena Heights, Olivet Nazarene, and St. Francis (IL). The University is in Marion, Indiana and located very close to some MSFA conference foes. One of the best things about having elite facilities is the role it plays in recruiting. Below, you’re going to see images of the Wildcats’ locker room, stadium, weight room, and so much more. As always, after seeing the facilities, leave us a comment with your opinion below.

Locker Room



Weight Room

What I really love about the Wildcat’s weight room is that it overlooks the field. Many NAIA schools do not have this luxury, and it may be a few minutes’ walk from the weight room to the field. The weight room is also loaded with high quality equipment. You can also see the industrial ceiling fans to help keep athletes cool and disperse the smell of hard work.

Film Room


Indiana Wesleyan does their stadium right. The capacity is right at 4,000 and is packed every Saturday. They have club level red seats close to the field for their biggest fans to enjoy. I imagine as a recruit walking out on this field would be breathtaking.


These two pictures definitely give you that major college football feel. Anytime you have your logo cleanly imploded in a nice area, it gives you a professional feel. From here, your biggest fans can watch your games in comfort. This plays into the program more than you’d think – letting these fans enjoy games comfortably means your facilities will continue to be top-notch.