Photo Credit: St. Thomas Athletics/Kathy Hitchcock

Bye weeks. Again, the order of the week is bye weeks. We only get 6 games this week that feature teams of the top 25. And 4 of those are at 2pm. While I’m here, and you’re here – can we play some games at, say, 1pm? Or 3pm? Heck, I’d even take high noon or night games! Take it from me, if you’re someone who enjoys watching all the NAIA Football possible, having 4 2pm games makes things difficult. So this is my plea. Please look at scheduling some other hour of the day.

Alright, I’ll step off my soapbox. We have 2 Top 25 matchups this week: Grand View vs. Benedictine and Northwestern vs. Dordt. Both matchups will tell us a lot about the pecking order in their conference or division, and that’ll be reflected in next week’s poll. Also reflected in next week’s poll will be the only out-of-conference matchup we’ll likely see – a tilt between Bethel (KS) and Mid-America Nazarene that was made possible by COVID-19 postponements. We’re excited to lay eyes on those!

Just a few final notes – all times Eastern. Rankings are from the media poll. We’ll let you know who’s playing in Spring below, as that consists of quite a lot of the Top 25. Let’s get to the gettin’.

Top 25

  1. Morningside: Bye
  2. Grand View vs. 18 Benedictine
  3. Lindsey Wilson: Spring
  4. Marian: Spring
  5. Keiser: Bye
  6. Concordia (MI): Spring
  7. St. Francis (IN): Spring
  8. Cumberlands: Spring
  9. Kansas Wesleyan: Bye
  10. Siena Heights: Spring
  11. Northwestern @ 23 Dordt
  12. St. Xavier: Spring
  13. Reinhardt: Spring
  14. College of Idaho: Spring
  15. Southeastern: Bye
  16. Baker @ Clarke
  17. Indiana Wesleyan: Spring
  18. Benedictine @ 2 Grand View
  19. Carroll: Spring
  20. Bethel (KS) vs MidAmerica Nazarene
  21. Dickinson State @ Presentation
  22. OUAZ: Spring
  23. Dordt vs. 11 Northwestern
  24. Montana Western: Spring
  25. Concordia (NE) vs. Jamestown ($)
  26. Culver-Stockton: Postponed

Viewing Guide:

  • 2 Grand View vs. 18 Benedictine
  • 11 Northwestern @ 23 Dordt
  • 16 Baker @ Clarke
  • Concordia (NE) vs. Jamestown
  • 21 Dickinson State @ Presentation
  • 25 Bethel (KS) vs. MidAmerica Nazarene