Image Credit: Kobi Russom

Happy Reformation Day! Sorry, my Catholic friends, but it’s time for your Protestant brethren to celebrate the 503rd anniversary of Martin Luther nailing the 95 Theses to the Wittenburg Castle Church door. So leave out your beer and cheese curds, or Martin Luther won’t visit you! OK, so that last part was a joke, but I digress.

We have some great matchups today. The main one that I’ll be watching is #1 Morningside against #18 Dordt. Can the Defenders prove their name, defending their home turf against the offensive machine of Morningside? Noah Clayberg and the Defender offense will have to be on their A game to give their defense room to breathe. Obviously, though, the key matchup is the Defender defense against Dolincheck, Jurgensmeier, and Ponder. That trio is enough to give any defensive coordinator a fright! (You knew I had to sneak one Halloween reference in there, right?)

Northwestern also plays Midland, who’s had a strong start to the year. We also have Dickinson State making a return trip to Valley City State in the last true test for the Blue Hawks before winter. Also, after putting up 83 points on MidAmerica Nazarene and dropping 78 on Ottawa (161 points in the last 2 games, holy cow), how many will the Threshers score against Bethany? The Thresher Flexbone is a well-oiled machine this year.

Just a few final notes – all times Eastern. Rankings are from the media poll. We’ll let you know who’s playing in Spring below, as that consists of quite a lot of the Top 25. Let’s get to the gettin’.

Top 25

  1. Morningside @ 18 Dordt
  2. Grand View vs. Graceland
  3. Lindsey Wilson: Spring
  4. Keiser @ Webber
  5. Marian: Spring
  6. Concordia (MI): Spring
  7. Northwestern vs. Midland
  8. St. Francis (IN): Spring
  9. Cumberlands: Spring
  10. Bethel (KS) @ Bethany
  11. Reinhardt: Spring
  12. Baker vs. Central Methodist
  13. Siena Heights: Spring
  14. Dickinson State vs. Valley City State
  15. St. Xavier: Spring
  16. Carroll: Spring
  17. Southeastern: ppd
  18. Dordt vs. 1 Morningside
  19. Benedictine @ MidAmerica Nazarene
  20. Southwestern: ppd
  21. Indiana Wesleyan: Spring
  22. OUAZ: Spring
  23. Kansas Wesleyan @ McPherson
  24. College of Idaho: Spring
  25. Faulkner: Spring

Viewing Guide:

  • 2 Grand View vs. Graceland
  • (1:30) 4 Keiser @ Webber
  • 1 Morningside @ 18 Dordt
  • 7 Northwestern vs. Midland
  • 10 Bethel (KS) @ Bethany
  • 13 Baker vs. Central Methodist
  • 20 Benedictine @ MidAmerica Nazarene
  • 23 Kansas Wesleyan @ McPherson
  • 16 Dickinson State @ Valley City State